Mechanically Stabalized Earth (MSE) Walls

MSE Walls MSEW structures are cost-effective alternatives for most applications where reinforced concrete or gravity type walls have traditionally been used to retain soil. These include bridge abutments and wing walls, as well as areas where the right-of-way is restricted, such that an embankment or excavation with stable side slopes cannot be constructed. They are particularly suited to economical construction in steep-sided terrain, in ground subject to slope instability, or in areas where foundation soils are poor.

MSE walls offer significant technical and cost advantages over conventional reinforced concrete retaining structures at sites with poor foundation conditions. In such cases, the elimination of costs for foundation improvements such as piles and pile caps, that may be required for support of conventional structures, have resulted in cost savings of greater than 50 percent on completed projects. Temporary MSE wall structures have been especially cost-effective for temporary detours necessary for highway reconstruction projects. Temporary MSE walls are used to support temporary roadway embankments and temporary bridge abutments. MSE walls are also used as temporary support of permanent roadway embankments for phased construction.

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Shuttabloc™ Wall System

The Shuttabloc™ wall is a precast retaining wall with internal reinforcing system specifically designed to provide a faster, more economical solution to cast-in-place concrete. No onsite formwork, faster installation and a factory controlled finish results in a product that is flexible, cost effective and designed to exactly the same properties as an in-situ wall. The Shuttabloc™ system can be used for a wide variety of applications including silage clamps, security walls, bulk storage, vapor barriers, piers and abutments, and retaining walls. Advantages of the Shuttabloc™ system include:

  • Up to 50% reduction in build time.
  • More economical than casting walls on site.
  • Suitable for high spec walls needing to withstand impact or heavy loads.
  • No foundation required.
  • No onsite formwork required.
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Alphabloc® Wall System

The Alphabloc® A frame is the original concrete retaining wall system. Designed to be freestanding in the majority of applications, it is a very structurally efficient and versatile concept. The Alphabloc® is an interconnecting freestanding wall that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Alphabloc® offers a flexible solution for bulk storage, waste & recycling, agriculture, and industrial security applications. Or, it can be designed as ground fixed for high loading applications. Advantages of Alphabloc® include:

  • Ideal for grain walling, waste separation, bulk storage, recycling materials.
  • Freestanding in most applications.
  • No protruding toe makes them ideal for separate material bays.
  • Easy to configure, meaning you can change the layout of your walls within hours.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Several different heights.
  • Can be loaded on both sides.
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Licensed in over 40 states, we offer comprehensive design, engineering, drafting, and consulting services for precast concrete manufacturers and the precast/prestressed concrete industry.

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining Wall Design

  • Global Stability Analysis
  • Preliminary Design & Estimated Material Take-off
  • Final Design
  • Professionally Certified Design Calculations
  • Detailed Construction Drawings
  • Casting Production Drawings & Inventory Material Quantities
  • Design-Build

Precast Retaining Walls & Wing Walls

We have experience with proprietary retaining wall systems (Tricon, Shuttabloc™, Alphabloc®) and have also designed nonproprietary wall types including gravity, cantilever, bin, crib, soil nail, soldier pile, geogrid, and wire facing.

Other Precast Walls

We provide design and shop drawings for sound/ noise walls, screen walls, columns and posts, and foundations.

PRODUCTS - Walls Done Right!

Our MSEpro retaining wall design system allows you to design your wall in real time. Input your design parameters including geometry inputs, soil properties, back to back conditions, inudation and see your wall come to life. View your speciļ¬cations in elevation or plan view, and have the ability to customize as needed. Our team is always available to help when needed.

Design to production in 3 simple steps:

  • Design in
  • TEG Technical Drawings
  • Construction